March 20, 2017

This Bid Bulletin is issued to modify, amend or clarify items in the issued Bidding Documents for the project:

Project Title:

  1. Restoration of Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church (Phase 2);
  2. Restoration of Santa Maria Magdalena Parish Church;
  3. Restoration of the Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church (Phase 1);
  4. Restoration, Rehabilitation, & Reconstruction of St. Anthony de Abbot Church in Carmen, Bohol (Phase 2);
  5. Museum Modernization and Restoration of Rizal Shrine Dapitan (Tensile Tent) Phase 4.

Please be informed of the following changes:

  1. Item 18. 1 of the Bid Data Sheet should be “The bid security shall be in the form  of  a  Bid  Securing  Declaration  or  any  of  the  following  forms  and amounts.”For the guidance of all concerned.

*Click the project title to download the bid bulletin and send signed copy to the NHCP-BAC.