This Bid Bulletin is issued to modify, amend or clarify items in the issued Bidding Documents for the project:

Project Title: Detailed Engineering Studies for the Restoration of Holy Rosary Church Complex and St. James the Apostle Church Complex in Angeles and Guagua, Pampanga, respectively

Please be informed of the following answers to queries from Digiscript:

  1. If possible for NHCP to indicate or mark up the complex boundary on the attached site map from google images. – The contractor will be the one to identify as per item V.A.1 of the TOR.
  2. Indicative level of each structure within the complex – Same as answer to question no. 1
  3. For the MEPF as-found drawings, did they require the final output to be signed and sealed by each professional? – Yes.
  4. About site hydrological map and site foliage map – refers to any wells, waterbody, near the site; site foliage is existing landscape. Only provide if applicable.


For the guidance of all concerned.


Chairman, BAC