This Bid Bulletin is issued to modify, amend or clarify items in the issued Bidding Docuements for the Project:

  1. Design, Development and Restoration of Jaro Belfry and other Historic Structures in the Jaro Plaza
  2. Design, Development and Restoration of Molo Plaza in Iloilo City

 Please be informed of the following information and clarifications: 

  1. Value Engineering Analysis under ITB Clause12.1(b) will not be part of the Additional Technical Documents to be submitted by the contractor. 
  1. Under ITB clause 12.1(b)(ii.2)—“NOTE: Except for the Foreman, all key personnel should be PRC-registered and in good standing” is corrected to “Except for the Foreman and other non-licensed key personnel, all other key personnel requiring a license/certification shall be a PRC-registered and/or certified and in good standing.” 
  1. Under ITB Clause 13.1(b) Bid prices in the Bill of Quantities, Detailed Estimates, and Cash flow by quarter or payment schedule will be submitted by “Lot” (A format/guide BOQ will be attached with this Bid Bulletin).

 For the guidance of all concerned.


Chairman, BAC

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