This Bid Bulletin is issued to modify, amend or clarify items in the issued Bidding Documents for the project:

  1. Restoration of the Punta Diamante (including the belfry), Bulusan, Sorsogon 

Please be informed of the following information and clarifications: 

  1. Revised Terms of Reference, including missing pages
    Attached herein is a copy of the revised Terms of Reference (TOR) for the project, including pages 7 and 8 which were missing from the copy included in the original posting dated 9 February 2022. The revised TOR may also be downloaded from this link:

    Annexes to the TOR (i.e. site map, photos of structures, and other pertinent documents):

  1. Re: Checklist of Documents to be included in the submission
    As enumerated in Items 10 & 11 in the Section II (Instructions to Bidders) of the PBDs, the following documents shall comprise the bid submissions


  1. Notarized Bid Securing Declaration(sample) OR any of the following:
  • CashManager’s Check in the amount of PHP 190,000.00
  • Bank-issued Letter of CreditBank Draft / Bank Guarantee in the amount of PHP 190,000.00
  • Surety Bond in the amount of PHP 475,000.00
  1. Omnibus Sworn Statement (sample)
  2. Technical Proposal Forms (samples are included in Section VII of the PBDs)
    • TPF 1: Technical Proposal Submission Form
    • TPF 2: Consultant’s References
    • TPF 3:Comments and Suggestions of Consultant
    • TPF 4:Description of the Methodology and Work Plan for Performing the Project
    • TPF 5: Team Composition and Task Projects
    • TPF 6: Curriculum Vitae for Proposed Professional Staff
    • TPF 7: Time Schedule for Professional Personnel
    • TPF 8: Activity Work Schedule

Envelope 2: FINANCIAL PROPOSAL (samples are included in Section VII of the PBDs)

  1. FPF 1: Financial Proposal Submission Form
  2. FPF 2: Summary of Costs
  3. FPF 3: Breakdown of Price per Activity
  4. FPF 4: Breakdown of Remuneration per Activity
  5. FPF 5:Reimbursables per Activity
  6. FPF 6:Miscellaneous Expenses  
  1. Criteria for Evaluation of the Bids
    The Technical Proposal,with a weight of 60%, shall be evaluated according to the following criteria (Item 23.5 of the BDS)
  • Site Design Integrity(weight: 30% for this component or 18% overall): Preservation of the site’s material, historical and aesthetic integrity in compliance with RA 10066 (National Cultural Heritage Act of 2010) and other pertinent NHCP guidelines.
  • Site Development Plan(weight: 70% for this component or 42% overall): comprehensive redevelopment plan for the site with emphasis on introduction of features which shall make the space more conducive for public use, including ambient lighting, landscaping, management of pedestrian traffic via construction of pathways and accessibility for the elderly and persons with disabilities (PWDs).

The Financial Proposal, with a weight of 40%, shall be evaluated according to the following procedure (Item 26.2 of the BDS)

  • Lowest Bidder = Automatic score of 100% 
  • Second Lowest Bidder= (Price quoted by the Lowest Bidder divided by Price quoted by Second Lowest Bidder) multiplied by 100. 

The Final Scores of both bidders shall be calculated according to the following formula: FS = (TPs × 0.6) + (FPs × 0.4).

  1. Re: Inclusions and exclusions of staff in the list of personnel

The NHCP BAC is not imposing any minimum/maximum amount of personnel involved in the project, nor require the inclusion of any specific roles/professions beyond the ones already required by existing laws (e.g., the presence of a Health & Safety Officer, which is mandated by RA 11058). What the NHCP BAC will require is that all professional staff (i.e., Architects and Engineers) who will oversee the project be duly licensed by the Professional Regulation Commission and that other non-professional staff cite their qualifications, trainings and relevant experience in the format prescribed in TPF 6 of Section VII of the PBDs.

  1. Structures to be included in the Architectural Design component
    Core Structures for restoration and preservation: all existing structures in the area dating back to the Spanish colonial period, including:

(1) The old church belfry,

(2) Perimeter walls and bastions of the fortress, and

(3) The ruins of the old church .

Additional structures to be integrated in the Site Development Plan:

  • Restoration works on the grottos for religious icons and the Stations of the Cross
  • Refurbishment of the Cemetery
  • Provision of other park accessories and support structures (e.g. park benches, lampposts, paved footpaths and walkways, toilets, and provision of wheelchair ramps, handrails, and other features to improve accessibility for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities)
  1. Structures at the site included and/or excluded from restoration/retrofitting

The only structures slated for restoration are the (1) belfry, (2) the ruins of the old church and (3) the remnants of the perimeter walls and bastions of the Spanish-era fortress. Structures which date from the 20th century onwards are not included in the restoration, unless the results of detailed architectural & engineering studies to be conducted as part of the deliverables for the project indicate that said structures (e.g., the current church building and convent) need preventive maintenance and/or intervention as the case may be.   

  1. Bid Securing Declaration

As provided for in Section 27.2 of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act) as well as in Item No. 2 of this Bid Bulletin, a Notarized Bid Securing Declaration shall be considered as an acceptable substitute for any of the forms of bid security specified in the same provision of the same IRR.

  1. Certificate of Inspection

Signatures for the certificate of inspection to be submitted along with the bid may be obtained from either (1) the Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Office (2) of from the chancery of the Diocese of Sorsogon. Alternatively, signatures may also be obtained from any official of the Municipal Government of Bulusan or the Parish Office of St. James the Greater Parish. While it forms part of the submittals in the bid proposal as specified in the TOR, it is not an absolute requirement and non-submission thereof (in case the bidder did not perform a site visit) shall not be considered grounds for disqualification.

For the guidance of all concerned.


Chairperson, BAC

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