Project  :  Conceptualization, Geometric Design and Production of Church Ceiling Painting (Left and Right Nave) of St. Anthony de Abbot Parish Church
 Location  Carmen, Bohol


The work shall include the supply of labor and materials necessary to complete the subject project per approved Scope of Work and these specifications, which are parts of the Contract of Services. Governing Codes: R.A 9184, National Building Code and all related applicable local ordinances and regulations.

The contractor shall provide the necessary permits, clearances or licenses and must comply with the regulations of the municipality of Carmen, Bohol.

The contractor shall submit, prior to the execution of the specified works, a schedule of work expressed in either Bar Chart, or PERT/ CPM, indicating all activities, their duration and projected percentage accomplishments / cash flow, for monitoring purposes. 

For painting production, the Contractor shall provide new materials, fabricated products, and necessary equipment and services for all works.

For all restoration and preservation works involving original, authentic and old materials, decorations, motifs and ornaments, a conservator from the Materials Research Conservation Division should be consulted prior to start of contract work. It is very important to consider that the ceiling painting involved in the works is a heritage property, a hallowed and sacred object that is part of the Filipino heritage, and therefore, must be given due respect. The Contractor is therefore expected to provide optimum quality of materials, craftsmanship and services befitting this significant work of art.

Conservation materials that are not particularly mentioned in these specifications shall be subject for testing, mock-up, selecting, or approval prior to their application in the project.

The contractor shall provide full-time supervision of the works.

All materials and equipment shall be delivered to the site at designated locations within the project premises.

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) or its authorized representative reserves the right to reject any materials or workmanship that may be found defective or not in conformity with the approved plans and specifications. In cases where conflicts between the specifications arise, these should be immediately brought to the attention of the NHCP or its authorized representative for appropriate action.


All billings shall be subject to a submission of a Statement of Account by the Contractor, including his percentage accomplishment report and photographs for evaluation and acceptance by the NHCP. The Contractor shall provide access to the work areas for the convenience of the inspection team during project inspection.

Change or additional works, which are necessary but not included in the scope of work, shall be subject to variation order preparation upon proper request and notice by the Contractor.

The cost of the project is P3, 500,000 for the conceptualization, geometric design and production of church ceiling painting (left and right nave). The winning bidder shall have 180 calendar days to execute production works from receipt of the notice to proceed.