The Historic Preservation Division (HPD) is the authority on historic preservation program of the NHCP.  It undertakes projects and activities geared towards collaboration, coordination and/or partnership with other government agencies and offices and the private sector in the field of historic preservation.


The Historic Preservation Division (HPD) aims to promote Filipino heritage through the preservation, protection and development of historic sites and structures and the conservation of material objects. As an authority on conservation of both movable and immovable objects, the HPD shall promote awareness and appreciation of historic sites and structures through conservation, technical assistance and information-education-communication (IEC) programs along guidelines set by internationally accepted conservation standards and principles and local and international agreements. It shall also keep itself abreast and updated with the latest on scientific and information technologies in relation to the field of historic conservation.  


  1. Undertakes the conservation, preservation, restoration, and development of the historic sites and structures declared as national shrines, monuments and landmarks, including other historic edifices and ancestral houses registered in the National Registry of Historic Structures in the Philippines;
  1. Undertakes physical restoration and preservation treatment of historical (material) objects using specialized skills of examination and material analyses, and the application of scientific methods of treatment and research;
  1. Surveys, inventories, identifies, classifies and registers historic sites and structures, and maintains the National Registry of Historic Structures pursuant to P.D. No. 260, S. 1973. (See Annex B1)
  1. Implements the Philippines’ National Historic Act (P.D. No. 1505 S. 1978), for the protection of historic sites and structures nationwide; (see Annex B2)
  1. Provides technical assistance to/collaborates with Government Organizations involved in the study and preservation of historic sites and structures; and,
  1. Recommends policies on the development, preservation and restoration of historic places and edifices;
  1. Performs such other functions consistent with NHCP’s institutional mandate and existing laws.


Organizational Structure The head of the HPD is the Architect V with specialized training in the field of historic conservation. It is divided into two sections, each headed by a Senior History Researcher, namely:

Architectural and Survey Section The Architectural and Survey Section is the HPD component that specifically undertakes the planning, design, implementation, supervision and monitoring of the restoration/preservation of historic sites and structures.  This section includes architects, engineers, and draftsmen.

Engineering Section The Engineering Section undertakes survey, documentation and identification of historic sites and structures, architectural/historical research, and management of the HPD database on historic sites and structures.