The Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) shall provide support services in terms of human and financial resources management, assets and properties; efficient procurement, storage and distribution of supplies. It shall strictly adhere to sound accounting and auditing practices and be guided by circulars and other issuances of the Department of Budget and Management, Commission on Audit and the Civil Service Commission.


The Finance and Administrative Division through it’s different sections:

a. extends support services to all the operating divisions and the Office of the Chairman, members of the NHCP Board and the Executive Director; and

b. provides management with the necessary financial information in order to help the other operating divisions in planning, directing and coordinating their programs, projects and activities.

Organizational Structure

The Chief Administrative Officer, who supervises and controls the internal administration of the division, heads the FAD. It is composed of several sections, each under a Section Chief, namely:

  1. Planning and Budget Section – assists in the periodic planning and evaluation processes and prepares short, medium and long-term plans of the agency. It likewise prepares budget proposals and allots obligation of funds
  2. Personnel Section – administers all personnel matters and promotes human resource development through the implementation of various training programs;
  3. Records Section – maintains a centralized records management system
  4. Accounting Section – maintains and prepares financial statements and reports
  5. Cash Section – takes charge of collection and disbursement of funds
  6. Supply Section – procures, stores and distributes supplies, materials and equipment necessary in the operations of the Institute.
  7. ICT Section – assists in the formulation of an efficient and effective ICT policy and maintains proper and smooth operations of computer system at the central office and
  8. The General Support Services Unit, which is directly under the supervision of the Chief Finance and Administrative Officer, is composed of the Reproduction and Motor pool Services.

Operational System

1. Human Resource

Through the Personnel Section, the Division enforces laws, rules and regulations, administers personnel matters including the implementation of human resource development programs. It makes sure that rules and regulations as contained in the Omnibus Rules on Civil Service are properly implemented.

2. Procurement And Inventory

The Supply Section provides, stores, and distributes supplies, materials and equipment necessary in the operation of the Institution, in accordance with the prescribed government procedures such as:

a. Guidelines in the Decentralized Disposal of Valueless Records
b. Government Electronic Procurement system (EO 40)
c. Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184)
d. Standard Operating Procedure for Purchasing and Inventory

3. Financial Management

Financial management is provided by the Accounting, Budget and Cash Sections. These sections institute budgeting controls, prepare budget proposals, maintain accounting records in strict adherence to the prescribed government accounting principles and standards.

3.1 Rates of Allowances for Official Local and Foreign Travels of Government Personnel
3.2 Guidelines in the Release of Funds. (WBC # 463 S. 1999)
3.3 Guidelines in the use of Advice/Authority to debit account (DOF- DBM Joint Circular No. 1-99 S. 1999)
3.4 Revised Procedures in the Payment of Accounts Payable (DBM Circular No. S.1999)
3.5 Appropriations, Allotment Obligations and Disbursement Process
3.6 Laws and Rules in Expenditures & Disbursement

3.6.1 Modes of Disbursement
3.6.2 Non Cash Availment Authority
3.6.3 Tax Remittance Advice
3.6.4 Advice to Debit Account
3.6.5 Modified Disbursement System

3.7 Guidelines in the Granting, Utilization and Liquidation of Cash Advance (Annex T)

3.7.1 Cash Advance for Travel
3.7.2 Bonding of Accountable Officers

3.8 PersonalServicesPERA/ADCOM/RATA/ClothingAllowance/Honoraria/ Overtime/Bonus/Cash Gift/PIB

3.8.1 Leave Benefits Vacation Leave Sick Leave Leave

3.8.2 Monetization of Leave/Service Credits Maternity leave

3.9 Accounting Forms

4. Flow of Transactions

This process is designed to enable the accounting, budget, and cash and supply section staff to properly discharge their respective function responsibilities, roles and to comply with the new requirements of NGAS and E-Procurement System as well as reference of the other operating division in requesting claims.

4.1. Diagram for Processing Claims (Annex W)

4.2 Flow Chart for Processing of Claims
4.3 Workflow for Accounting Section

5. Policies, Office Rules, And Regulations

5.1 Allowable Transportation Allowance
5.2 Attendance to Flag Ceremony
5.3 Discounts on Sale NHCP Publications
5.4 Disposal of Unserviceable Items Located at Shrines
5.5 Distribution of Complimentary copies of NHCP Publications
5.6 Handling of Collections at the Shrines
5.7 Permit to Leave the Office
5.8 Personal Long Distance Calls
5.9 Preparation of Purchase Order
5.10 Rendering of Technical Assistance and Official Attendance to Conferences.
5.11Stay-in Personnel
5.12 SOP for Opening of Donation Boxes

6. Central Records Management

The Records Section takes charge of the centralized and computerized management/keeping of records made by NHCP or receiver by its operations or activities. It undertakes the computerization of records, utilizing document management software and administers the disposal and destruction of the valueless or unnecessary records, following the standards or guidelines for record disposal prescribed by the Records Management and Archives Office.

The Records Officer, who is the Section Chief, serves as Custodian of NHCP records and ensures fidelity of records and files under his care.