The Museo ng Pamana at Kasaysayang Boholano features the heritage and history of Bohol. The gallery on Boholano heritage located at the Casa Tribunal focuses on the construction of Bohol’s Spanish colonial churches, the reconstruction and preservation efforts conducted by the NHCP in the aftermath of the 15 October 2013 earthquake. The galleries on Boholano history at the Casa Tribunal feature the political, social, and cultural aspects of Boholano life to provide a microcosmic perspective of Philippine history.

The Museo ng Pamana at Kasaysayang Boholano is located at 19th century structures near the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Loay, Bohol. It contains various original artifacts, facsimiles, miniature models, and other technological displays.

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Museo ng Pamana at Kasaysayang Boholano
Address: Holy Trinity Parish Church Compound, Poblacion Ubos,  Loay,  Bohol
Contact No.: 09151780325