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 Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan enshrines in its hallowed halls the aspirations and commitment of the Filipino people to become an independent nation and establish a republican government at the end of the Philippine Revolution against Spain in 1898. Three significant events in Philippine history occurred in the church: the convening of the First Philippine Congress on 15 September 1898; the ratification of the Malolos Constitution on 21 January 1899; and the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic on 23 January 1899.
 Declaring military and moral victory against Spain, Emilio Aguinaldo recognized the need to establish authority and enact laws that would address the needs of the Filipino people. In his inaugural address in Barasoain, Aguinaldo orated: 

At the opening of this temple of laws, I know how the Filipino people, a people endowed with remarkable good sense, will assemble. Purged of its old faults, forgetting three centuries of oppression, it will open its heart to the noblest aspirations and its soul to the joys of freedom; proud of its own virtues without pity for its own weaknesses, here in the church of Barasoain, once the sanctuary of mystic rites, now the august and stately temple of the dogmas of its independence, here the delegates are assembled in the name of peace…to write with their votes the immortal book of the Filipino constitution as the supreme expression of the national will…

 The Barasoain Church Historical Landmark is composed of the church and the adjoining convent. The original church burned down in 1884 and was rebuilt the following year by Fr. Juan Giron, O.S.A.  The Museo ng Republika ng 1899, housed in the historical landmark, has five galleries:
 Gallery 1:       Sigaw ng Kalayaan features the numerous uprisings launched by Filipinos against their Spanish colonizers; 

Gallery 2:       Watawat ng Kalayaan narrates the events that occurred during the Pact of Biak-na-Bato until the declaration of Philippine independence;

Gallery 3:       Pagtindig ng Republika centers on the establishment of the Malolos Congress and the drafting of the Constitution;

Gallery 4:       Saligang Batas at Pinunong Kinatawan highlights the Malolos Constitution and its proponents;

Gallery 5:       Pagtatanggol sa Republika features the threat posed by the American colonizers to the new republic.

The Museum’s galleries are supplemented by a dramatic light and sound presentation on the Malolos Congress and Philippine Constitution, and a stereoscopy room featuring stereographs of the war against the United States.

To arrange a visit to the Museo ng Republika ng 1899, please call:  

San Gabriel, Malolos Bulacan
Museum Curator: Mr. Jose Ruel Paguiligan
Telephone Number:  (+6344)794.1674
Cellphone Number: 09053364366
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Tue-Sun open from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.