The NHCP Museo ni Apolinario Mabini PUP in Santa Mesa, Manila inaugurated today a new bust by renowned artist Julie Lluch.

The bronze bust received flowers on behalf of the hero for the first time to mark his 118th death anniversary. It was installed atop an existing pedestal in November 2020.

The bust and museum serve as a memorial to Apolinario Mabini who was chief adviser to President Emilio Aguinaldo from June 1898 to May 1899. His writings guided Filipinos as they struggled to defend their hard-won freedom.

Mabini died in a nipa hut which is now the museum’s main feature. It was originally located in Nagtahan, Manila but was moved to its current site in 2008.

The Mabini bust is the most recent artwork Ms. Lluch made for the NHCP. She previously sculpted half-body statues of Emilio Jacinto, Andres Bonifacio, and Gregoria de Jesus in Museo ng Katipunan and Museo ng Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio, a full-body statue of Jose Rizal in Museo ni Jose Rizal Calamba, and full-body sculptures of Jose Rizal, Pio Valenzuela, and Josephine Bracken in the Museo ni Jose Rizal Dapitan.

The NHCP is the national government agency mandated to promote and preserve Philippine historical heritage through research and publication, conservation, marking of historic sites and structures, and administration of national shrines and museums.

The new bronze bust by Ms. Julie Lluch

Ms. Rosana G. Misolas (left), curator of the Museo ni Apolinario Mabini PUP, leads the unveiling of the new bronze bust of Apolinario Mabini

The staff of the Museo ni Apolinario Mabini PUP pose beside
the recently unveiled bronze bust

The Office of the President, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, and the City of Manila offered wreaths to the newly unveiled bust