1. Goa: Mission de Salog
  2. The Marcos Legacy
  3. Homonhon Island
  4. The Untold Magellan Story
  5. Quadricula (Hocus II)
  6. The Ascent of Mount Arayat
  7. Emilio Famy Aguinaldo
  8. Civilizational Imperatives
  9. Musika ng Pananakop
  10. To be in History
  11. Miong : the story of President Aguinaldo
  12. More Tomboy, More Bakla than we admit
  13. Balita: the Story of Philippine Journalism
  14. The Pueblo of Bolhoon
  15. Manila Cathedral
  16. The Sovereign Trickster
  17. Debacle: the Aquino regimes Scarboroug
  18. A History of the University of the Philippines v.2
  19. Sugar and Smiles: The Negrense legacy
  20. Cofradia of Two
  21. Between celebration and critique
  22. Vicente Sotto
  23. Specters of Germany
  24. Kalun: A Basilan odyssey
  25. Jose Rizal : How Filipinos Hailed HIm
  26. Filipinas y Espana
  27. Arkitekturang Filipino vol 1
  28. Arkitekturang Filipino vol 2
  29. The Life and Times of Purita Kalaw Ledesma
  30. Rising with Filipinos
  31. A call to transform
  32. Padre Mariano Gomez
  33. Maria Lilia Realubit
  34. The American Colonial Public School Buildings
  35. The Creoles in Spanish Philippines
  36. Tala ng Kasaysayan sa Pag-aalsa sa Filipinas
  37. Preserving a Legacy: the Binondo Heritage Restoration Project (Donated by China Bank)
  38. 100 years of Trust: The China Bank Story (Donated by China Bank)
  39. The Indominable Florence Finch: The Untold Story of a War Widow (Donated by Grecel Lopez)
  40. Philip Vera Cruz : A Personal History of Filipino Immigrants (Donated by Grecel Lopez)
  41. America is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan (Donated by Grecel Lopez)
  42. Filipino Americans (Donated by Grecel Lopez)
  43. Jo Koy: Don’t Make him angry (Donated by Grecel Lopez)
  44. Filipinos in the US Navy and Coast Guard during the Vietnam War (Donated by Grecel Lopez)
  45. Filipino American Faith in Action (Donated by Grecel Lopez)
  46. Bucket List Philippines (Donated by Tourism Promotions Board)
  47. Bucket List Philippines – Sustainable Edition (Donated by Tourism Promotions Board)
  48. 1 set Rekindling Travel 3rd (Donated by Tourism Promotions Board)
  49. Kagikan (Tracing the flow of Tagum’s Rich History (Donated by Tagum City LGU)
  50. Lubao : the Craddle of Kapampangan Civilization (Donated by Dr. Rodrigo Sicat)
  51. Destiny and Destination (Donated by Kapampangan Studies)
  52. Media, Millenials and Politics (Donated by Library of Congress)
  53. Damn Great Empires (Donated by Library of Congress)
  54. Faithful to Secularism (Donated by Library of Congress)
  55. The Political Battle of the Sexes (Donated by Library of Congress)
  56. Body Parts of Empire (Donated by Library of Congress)
  57. Central Asian Cultures and the Architecture (Donated by Library of Congress)
  58. Feeding Manila (Donated by Library of Congress)
  59. Philippine Modernities (Donated by Library of Congress)
  60. Tropical Cyclones, Disasters in the Philippines (Donated by Iya Quijano)
  61. Mga Himig ng Kalayaan Casette tape (Donated by Ian Alfonso)
  62. Isang Daang Taong Kalayaan Casette tape (Donated by Ian Alfonso)
  63. Stories from the Other side and other Narratives (Donated by Dr. de Viana)
  64. Nuestro Perdido Eden : a Novella on Manila (Donated by Amb. Virgilio Reyes)
  65. Revolucion Filipina 1896-1898: el nacamiento de una idea (Donated by Amb. Virgilio Reyes)
  66. A Memory of Time (Donated by Amb. Virgilio Reyes)
  67. Ang Maragtas Sang Mina (Donated by Mayor Grabato)
  68. History of Dueñas book 2 (Donated by Susan Labro)