The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) will once again conduct the Historical Method Seminar at the 4th Floor, Multipurpose Hall, NHCP Building, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila on 14-16 September 2017. 

The seminar aims to explain history as a discipline, a way of knowing, with its own core concepts and method of apprehending knowledge about the past. The course will focus on three sets of related topics:

  • Thinking historically. Nature of history and historical knowledge, core concepts of history
  • Historical sources. Nature and types of historical evidence, source criticism, issues in the production of historical knowledge; and
  • Historical research. Stages of research process from formulating an argument to selecting sources, critical reading and gathering of data, and analysis and interpretation of sources including ethics of historical research.

The seminar also contains practical sessions on doing history, with a range of exercises on the core concepts of history and the application of historical method in the use of primary sources. Selected primary sources will be provided for evaluation and analysis by the participants.



  • History and social studies teachers
  • Graduate students in history
  • History researchers
  • Local tourism councils
  • Local historical societies



Interested participants may download the application form from the NHCP website (

  1. The number of participants in the seminar is limited to maximize the time for workshops and discussions and enable greater interaction among the participants.
  2. Submit the application on or before the deadline indicated below.
  3. Send the application documents to Ms. Paulita Avestruz or Ms. Mona Lisa Q. Lauron by any of the following means. Also address inquiries to Ms. Avestruz or Ms. Lauron. Application is preferred; scanned signatures are accepted.



Snail Mail:
National Historical Commission of the Philippines
T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila 1000

(02) 536.3181

  1. Late and incomplete applications shall not be considered. Walk-in participants shall not be accommodated.
  2. Participants shall provide their own transportation to and from the training venue, breakfast, dinner and local accommodation.
  3. The NHCP shall provide the following:
  • Seminar venue, equipment, and meals during the seminar (except dinner);
  • Lecturers, facilitators, and secretariat and
  • Seminar kit
  1. No registration fee shall be charged.
  2. Selection will be based on the applicants’ reasons for applying for the seminar and the overall representativeness of applicants across geographical origins, gender, and professional or institutional backgrounds.
  3. Applicants shall be notified by email about the result of their application two weeks after the deadline of submission.
  4. Deadline of submission of application form is on 31 August 2017.