This Bid Bulletin is issued to modify, amend, or clarify items in the issued Bidding Documents for the project:

NHCP Human Resource Management Information System

Please be informed of the following information and clarifications 

  1. Under Part II, Section VI. Terms of Reference, the following are added:
Additional Hardware Components Specifications
Item Additional Specifications
Rackmount Server ·         Windows Server Operating System

·         with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 support; with RAID Controller (Mirroring)

·         Redundant 700Watts Power supply

UPS ·         1100VA, 230V

·         surge protected outlets

·         Lead-acid battery type

·         Auto Voltage Regulator

·         (4) Universal and (2) IEC Sockets

Iris Biometric Scanner ·         Authentication Method: Iris, Fingerprint

·         Contactless Iris Recognition at a Distance up to 50cm

·         Internal Auto-tilt Function & High Definition Camera

·         Capacity: (1 Iris / 1User) Up to 200,000, (1 Finger / 1 User) Up to 200,000

·         Event Logs: 10,000,000

·         Ports – Ethernet and USB

  1. Under Part II, Section II. Instruction to Bidders, ITB clause 10.2 (c)(ii, vii, viii) and Part II, Section VI. Terms of Reference, the timeline and work plan can be adjusted and negotiated with the winning contractor, as long as the project will be completed in the indicated duration. If there is any reason for the project’s temporary suspension, the NHCP shall issue a Notice of Work Suspension, and a subsequent Notice of Work Resumption once the suspension is lifted.
  2. Under Part II, Section VI. Terms of Reference, evidence that can be presented for the requirement “must have completed HRMIS projects in other government agencies” include completed contracts, certificate of acceptance by the end user, purchase order, and inspection report.
  3. Under Part II, Section II. Instruction to Bidders, ITB clause 11 (11.2), all six forms shall be submitted as part of the Financial Proposal. If the Financial forms are not applicable for the bidder’s use, the bidder can put “0” as the amount in the forms.
  4. The document “Section VII. Breakdown of Agreed Fixed Rates” is not part of the Financial Proposal envelope, but will be used during the negotiations with the winning bidder.
  5. Under Part II, Section VI. Terms of Reference, the product demo will be conducted on 5 May 2021, after the opening of the Technical Proposal envelopes from the bidder. Bidders are expected to include a demo of the modules indicated in the TOR (ex. payroll module). This will be conducted via Zoom video conference, the details and link of which will be emailed to the bidder. In addition, bidders are required to provide the brand and model with photos/brochures of the hardware to be used for the project.
  6. The bidders shall be evaluated by the members of the BAC and TWG. The criteria for the evaluation will be as follows:

Personnel Management Module                                         20%

Training and Development Module                                    20%

Time and Attendance with Leave Management Module  20%

Payroll and other Compensation Module                          20%

Generation of Reports                                                         10%

User Interface (user-friendly/ease of access)                   10%

  1. Under Part II, Section VII. Bidding Forms (FPF 2. Summary of Costs), the bidder may include labor and materials for the creation of the software.
  2. Files, permits, and other similar documents from third parties (ex. Landbank) shall be taken care of and coordinated by the NHCP.
  3. Payment terms for the project will be progress billing.
  4. Changes on the Bid Schedule of the project:
Activity From To
Evaluation and Ranking 13 May 2021 12 May 2021
Opening of Financial Proposal 12 May 2021 13   ay 2021
  1. Bid documents can be purchased from the BAC Secretariat in person from 19 April 2021 – 4 May 2021, from 8:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.; and on 5 May 2021 from 8:00 A.M. to 9:30 A.M. until before the opening of the Technical documents.

For the guidance of all concerned.



BAC Chairperson


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