WHEREAS, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines Bids and Awards Committee (NHCP-BAC) invited companies to submit bids for the project Procurement of ICT Equipment (CY 2021) with a total Approved Budget Cost (ABC) of Seven Million, Six Hundred Sixty Thousand Pesos Only (PHP 7,660,000.00) through its advertisements on PhilGEPS and on notices posted at the NHCP premises and at the NHCP Website on 23-30 April 2021;

WHEREAS, no bids were received before the 17 May 2021 deadline;

WHEREAS, Section 35 (A) of Republic Act No. 9184 (the Government Procurement Reform Act) states that the BAC shall declare the bidding a failure when no bids are received.

NOW THEREFORE, upon unanimous decision and approval of the NHCP-BAC during its 17 May 2021 deliberation, be it

RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the bidding for the project Procurement of ICT Equipment (CY 2021) be declared a failure. Consequently, the BAC shall conduct a re-bidding and reposting of said project.

Approved this 17 May 2021:

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