Resolution No. 01, S. 2007 – Declaring the Casa Narvas in Boac, Marinduque as Heritage House;

Resolution No. 02, S. 2007 – Adopting the Revised Guidelines on the Naming/Renaming of Streets, Schools and Other Public Structures;

Resolution No. 03, S. 2007 – Adopting the Selection, Acquisition and Other Policies of the NHI Resource Center;

Resolution No. 04, S. 2007 – Declaring the Surrender Site of General Tomuyuki Yamashita a National Historical Landmark;

Resolution No. 05, S. 2007 – Resolution Authorizing the Turn-Over/Reversion of Certain National Shrines/Landmarks to Local Government Units / Donors;

Resolution No. 06, S. 2007 – Declaring the Site of the Battle of Imus a National Historical Landmark;