Rizal in Wilhelmsfeld 1886 (Rizal’s Wilhelmsfeld Story)

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In line with the commemoration of the 124th anniversary of the martyrdom of Jose Rizal, the public was invited to join a free online lecture entitled Rizal in Wilhelmsfeld 1886 (Rizal’s Wilhelmsfeld Story), a kick-off virtual talk prior to the formal opening of the Rizal in Wilhelmsfeld furniture exhibit in 2021

On 30 December 1896, Jose Rizal made his final walk from Fort Santiago to Bagumbayan. He was accompanied by Jesuits priests Fr. Estanislao March and Fr. Jose Vilaclara, his counsel Lt. Luis Taviel de Andrade, and a military escort. At 7:03 in the morning, Rizal was executed by a firing squad. His executioners took the form of a typical execution detail numbering sixteen (16) men arrayed in two (2) ranks. Tasked to shoot Rizal were Indios or Filipino soldiers as front lines; due to the Spanish distrust of Filipino soldiers, eight (8) Spanish soldiers were positioned behind the frontlines ready to shoot them if they missed a shot. After the order of fuego was given, Rizal was on the ground with a wound in his back. The Commander of the execution gave hive a tiro de gracia or a shot him on the head to ensure his death.

Today, we are one with the nation in commemorating the 124th anniversary of the martyrdom of Jose Rizal with a simple floral offering at the Museo ni Jose Rizal Fort Santiago.